Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've come a loooong way (but still have a ways to go).

Back in the day, or 5th-7th grade to be exact, I was enthralled with what can be best described as hip-hop culture. So much in fact, that I actually bought and wore said clothing. Actually my interest goes much farther back to the days of  MC Hammer and Kris Kross .  I even had parachute pants and wore my clothes backward. I loved the music and the clothes. This was particularly odd considering that 1. I'm very white 2. I have lived in a nearly all white suburb of Memphis all of my life 3. I only had one African American friend. Looking back on it now is both funny and slightly embarrassing. Examples of the clothes I wore are as follows:

I soon learned the error of my ways and over the next seven or eight years have been improving how I dress. These days I can be seen most of the time in clothes such as these:

(Though usually without a tie)

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